ShelterBox working tirelessly over the holiday season in The Philippines

With nearly 1,000 people dead and over 280,000 displaced by the late-season tropical storm Washi, Philippines President Benigno Aquino declared a national calamity,


A ShelterBox team has been working with the local government to find suitable safe sites to pitch the ShelterBox tents. Philippines based SRTs, Abner Tayco and Jesus NIcdao have also been demonstrating to volunteers from local Rotary clubs how to set up the ShelterBox tents.

‘The assistance we have had from Rotary has been invaluable here,’ said Jesus, himself a Rotarian and also Chairman and Founder of ShelterBox Philippines. ‘It is possible for Abner and I to set up the tents ourselves but it would have been a much slower process. Now that we have shown the Rotarians how to do it, they will be able to help us set up camps rapidly. This will allow families who have lost everything to soon begin to rebuild their lives, offering them shelter, warmth and dignity – assets everyone should have so close to Christmas.’

Prepositioned ShelterBoxes in the Philippine city of Clark have enabled the charity’s quick response and are being flown to the affected areas by the Philippine Air Force (PAF).
Together we can continue to make the world a better place in 2012! Let me tell you how ShelterBox has teamed with Rotarians in Mindanao over the Festive Season – when most of us have taken a well needed break – to bring shelter and hope to many affected by the flooding there.
Here’s a moving clip from Filippino TV:
Meanwhile, here in Australia, Chairman of ShelterBox Australia, John Lawrence, launched an appeal to Rotarians countrywide to help replenish diminished stocks of life saving aid. He wrote,
“RI Governor George Hayoy of D 3870 in southern Philippines emailed me on 17 December asking for ShelterBox help. He reminded me that we had recently met in Bali when I had spoken about ShelterBox during their GETS. George wrote: “Early this morning (December 17) Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro City were hit by floods due to typhoon ‘Sendong’. Flash flooding has occurred and lots of families have lost their homes. We would like to avail of these shelter boxes which we feel most needed because the evacuation centers are full and unhealthy for lack of facilities.”
I am proud to say that ShelterBox has now provided more than $500,000 worth of tents and associated gear to help rehouse many of those left homeless. Philippines ShelterBox Chairman Jess and other Rotarian leaders  from outside the affected region have travelled to the area and worked with DG George and other Rotarians there to rapidly deploy assistance. This is an heroic effort and undertaken in a region where it is hard to guarantee personal safety. The photos and stories below give a more graphic account of our impact.
My task is now to rally support to help restock our famous Green Boxes in readiness for the next unforeseen event. Australian Rotarians and clubs have remained generous supporters and I ask for your help in keeping the SHELTERBOX name high on their agenda. The reason why we can respond so quickly lies in our system of maintaining stocks at a high level and placed, strategically around the world. International and local transport companies are also magnificent supporters who enable us to move boxes to the disaster regions.
I have a special request for the DGEs. When you are in San Diego please seek out your counterparts from the Philippines and make known the ongoing commitment of Australians to support ShelterBox. Of course, this isjust one of the many ways in which our two countries have worked together to assist many needy Filipino communities, bringing tangible results and building much goodwill.”

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You can help ShelterBox Australia replenish stocks and be prepared for the next disaster by donating here and sharing this post with your friends and collegues

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