ShelterBox around the world

Since its launch in 2000, ShelterBox has grown on an international scale. Our global network of ShelterBox affiliates in over 20 countries work together with us to achieve our disaster relief mission.

Each affiliate worked tirelessly throughout 2011 to enable ShelterBoxes to be delivered to over 15,000 families who lost everything following a disaster. As we start a new year here are just a few highlights from each affiliate from the past 12 months.


It has been a successful first year for ShelterBox Hong Kong having hosted a rock concert to raise funds and built a partnership with the Scouts.

ShelterBox Indonesia held a hugely successful golf tournament fundraising event and a regional meeting for affiliates in Jakarta.

Response Team members from ShelterBox Philippines deployed to help families affected by devastating Typhoons Nesat, Nalgae and Washi in the Philippines.


Response Team volunteers from ShelterBox in Australia were deployed to disasters worldwide including Madagascar, the Philippines, Ethiopia, Japan, Kenya, Thailand and Turkey to deliver emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies.

Speakers from ShelterBox New Zealand gave excellent motivational talks throughout the country, with a focus on spreading the Young ShelterBox programme through schools.

Southern Africa

ShelterBox Southern Africa carried out a project with school children to write a blog to raise funds and awareness for ShelterBox.

Northern America

ShelterBox Canada’s Ambassador volunteer network doubled in size in 2011, raising awareness throughout the country and receiving great national media coverage.

In America ShelterBox USA forged partnerships with Boy Scouts of America and Youth Service America to engage young people in global citizenship and disaster relief awareness.

South America

Scouts from Brazilian Scout Group Mafeking worked with ShelterBox Brazil to help pitch ShelterBox tents in Rio do Sul after floodwaters submerged eighty percent of the town.

Northern Europe

Rotarian Cagri Han Karatas, a representative from ShelterBox Denmark, provided translation services for the ShelterBox Response Team on deployment in Turkey after the earthquake that struck in October.

ShelterBox Norway partnered with other organisations and charities to help raise the profile of ShelterBox and to raise funds to help families affected by disasters.

ShelterBox Sweden attended the World Scouting Jamboree in Rinkaby, Sweden, where the King of Sweden expressed his support for ShelterBox.

Young ShelterBox (YSB) is growing fast in the UK and ShelterBox UK and Ireland was pleased to launch the second YSB children’s book in November 2011.

Southern Europe

ShelterBox Italy Center held their inauguration in October 2011 and already has an impressive 160 members. They also held a successful Christmas fundraising event.

Rotary and Rotaract have been providing great support for ShelterBox Italy North, who have been raising awareness for ShelterBox by hosting numerous public events.

ShelterBox Portugal has carried out a range of events with Rotary to raise awareness of the needs of people affected by disasters.

Western Europe

Masters students have been supporting ShelterBox BeLux (Belgium and Luxembourg) to develop its communications. They have had a great response from international, national and local media.

ShelterBox France developed a strong working relationship with the French Red Cross. ShelterBox and the French Red Cross will work together to ensure that emergency shelter reaches people in need as quickly and efficiently as possible after a disaster strikes.

ShelterBox Germany has embraced and developed social media as a tool to raise awareness of ShelterBox’s work around the world.

The ShelterBox Urban Challenge in Amsterdam in September, organised by ShelterBox Netherlands, was a huge success.

ShelterBox Switzerland had a successful year with support from corporate sponsors and Rotary.

These are just snap shots of the wide range of activities that each affiliate has been involved in during 2011. To find out more please visit their web sites.


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  1. Donna Byer · January 7, 2012

    Great work Mike – Spread the good word.

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