ShelterBox benefits from Australian Rotary E-Club project

The Rotary E-Club of Greater Sydney is the first E-Club in Australia. E-Clubs are designed for people who’s “current circumstances are such that it is not possible to meet attendance requirements of a traditional Rotary club, which is typically a weekly meeting in a specific location.” Members meet, exchange ideas and project information and do their Rotary business online. I was privileged to join the club late last year and was pleasantly surprised to find that for their first project, they were raising money to sponsor a ShelterBox.

At a recent BBQ at E-Club Chairman, Tony Castley’s house, ShelterBox Australia Director and SRT, Peter Pearce, was on hand to receive a cheque for $1,000.

L_R Peter Pearce and Tony Castley

“It was so rewarding and refreshing to meet with such a group of excited & motivated Rotarians, thank you Sydney ‘E’ Club, your contribution of a Shelterbox will make a major difference to a family in real need somewhere in the world’, said Peter, a Rotarian and SRT with 10 deployments under his belt, ‘How great is it to have a new club, as their first project, engage with Rotary’s largest global club project, Shelterbox”

Members of The Rotary E-Club of Greater Sydney

Once a box number has been allocated, members of the E-Club will be able to track where the box has been deployed using ShelterBox Australia’s website:

If you, your Rotary Club, sporting organisation, school, Scout group or just a bunch of friends have raised or plan to raise money for ShelterBox Australia we’d love to know about it. Send details to Mike at: and I’ll include in our blog


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