Dynamic Kent Town Rotary Club (SA) plan fundraising dinner

The Rotary Club of Kent Town, Adelaide is again supporting Shelter Box Australia
as their July major project for disaster relief. R.C. Kent Town, while
only small club, with a membership of just 15 has been able to facilitate, with the
help of its many friends, the purchase of 12 Shelter Boxes since July
2008. Each ShelterBox costs $1000.00 and donations $2 and above are tax deductible.

President Kaylene Kranz said, “We will conduct our fundraising dinner for ShelterBox on Saturday the 28th of July. Kent Town Rotary thanks its friends for their past support
and invites them and their friends to pitch in for worldwide disaster
relief through Shelter Box Australia. We are currently arranging the
venue and will provide that information shortly but please in the
meantime put that date in your diary.” ShelterBox Director, Tim Klar will speak at the event.  Interested parties can contact the club secretary at rckt@baonline.com.au

Shelterbox camp at Uniao Dos Palmares, Brazil

As a need for emergency shelter arises then ShelterBox stands ready to
respond. Disaster preparedness boosts Shelter Box’s capacity to respond
more efficiently and quickly to disasters around the world. Forming
global partnerships is key. ShelterBoxes collaborative working style
lets the charity engage with a range of different organisations that are
integral in helping it provide shelter, warmth and dignity to families
who lose everything in a disaster.

ShelterBox deployments since January 2011. Philippines, earthquake; Madagascar, cyclone; Philippines, tropical storm and flooding; Somalia, drought; Colombia, flooding; Turkey, earthquake; Mexico, hurricane and torrential rain; Thailand, flooding; India, earthquake; Pakistan, flooding; South Korea, flooding and landslides; Libya, conflict; Ethiopia, drought; Kenya, drought; USA, tornadoes; Colombia, flooding; Bolivia, flooding; Japan, earthquake and tsunami; Madagascar, cyclone; New Zealand, earthquake; Sri Lanka, floods; Brazil floods and landslides.

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