ShelterBox Response Team Assesses Need in Peru

Heavy rains and landslides have caused extensive damage in the mountainous region of Cuzco in south-eastern Peru, home to the tourist destination of Machu Picchu. Reports say that thousands of people have been made homeless and almost 10,000 hectares of crops have been destroyed. 

Image of flooding Peru from previous deployment, March 2010

Photograph taken from a previous deployment to Peru in March 2010, when floods affected the Cuzco region.

Local Rotarians met the ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) as it arrived in Peru’s capital, Lima, on 18 March. They are providing the team with transport and logistical support during the deployment.

Response Team members John Cordell (US) and Gary Boe (US) are meeting with the National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI), the South American country’s national disaster relief agency, to get the latest information on the ground.

‘Over the next few days we are carrying out an assessment in and around Cuzco to establish those families who are in need of emergency shelter,’ said John. ‘Many roads are blocked from the landslides so we are discussing transport options with local organisations to help us travel around.’

This is the second time ShelterBox has deployed to Peru in response to floods in the Cuzco region. Prepositioned ShelterBoxes in Panama will be sent to Peru if a need is found.


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