Sponsorship Page for “Aussie Pete’s” Marathon Challenge up and Running

Director of ShelterBox Australia and ShelterBox Response Team member, Peter Pearce is in training to run the London Marathon in aid of his beloved charity. Peter, a retired financial advisor and Rotarian from Terrigal on the NSW Central Coast will complete the 26 mile course with a specially adapted ShelterBox  on his back.

image of Peter Pearce training on the Cornish cliffs

Aussie SRT, Peter Pearce in training for the London Marathon on the Cornish Cliffs.

As part of his training, Peter is walking the coastal path around his native Cornwall. Peter said, “I’m passionate about ShelterBox and their disaster relief work, I’ve deployed with them 10 times and seen firsthand the positive impact they have on people who’ve lost everything. By running the London Marathon with a ShelterBox on my back I hope to gain us valuable exposure and raise a decent amount of money to enable us to carry on our valuable work”

We wish Peter good luck in his venture. Those wishing to sponsor Peter and support ShelterBox can vista the link below to make a donation. Please forward this post to your friends and colleagues and fellow Rotarians to help make Peter’s efforts a worthwhile endeavour.



  1. Tony Castley · March 24, 2012

    Pete you are looking good and still smiling
    Keep up the good work


  2. Warren Mills · April 27, 2012

    Hi! Pete,

    I have just caught up with the news that you have completed the Marathon with Box on Back.
    Well done look forward to seeing you back home soon and hearing your story.

    How did the Nepagascar runners go??

    Take care – see you soon.


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