ShelterBox Mobilises to Help Flood-Struck Fiji

ShelterBox Australia is working closely with it’s New Zealand counterparts and the Rotary Club of Suva East to coordinate a response to the heavy flooding that has hit the South Pacific Islands of Fiji. A ShelterBox Response Team, comprising, Lyndon Tamblyn (NZ) and Sallie Fletcher (NZ) will fly out to assess needs and facilitate the importation and distribution of emergency aid.

SRT Lyndon Tamblyn (NZ) in Suva November 2011

SRT Lyndon Tamblyn (NZ) in Suva, November 2011, following Cyclone Thomas

With a state of emergency declared in the West of the island nation, some 12,000 people are currently housed in evacuation centres, and nearly 3,000 households affected thus far. Although the rains eased over the weekend, the threat posed by the approaching Cyclone Daphne gives cause for grave concern.

ShelterBox Australia Director, Lasse Petersen said,

“We are consulting with several key players, including Rotary in Suva, DISMAC (Fijian disaster management), The Red Cross and the New Zealand Government to coordinate an appropriate and rapid response.

One comment

  1. Howard Tong · April 3, 2012

    Great to see Shelter Box getting into Fiji and completing a needs assessment. Good to also hear that the Emergency Response Kits have been deployed

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