Reuniting Families in The Congo

Many thousands of people were left homeless after several explosions ripped apart the Mpila neighbourhood in Brazzaville, in the Republic of the Congo. As a result, they have been staying in overcrowded temporary shelter camps but ShelterBox has been distributing emergency aid to help people return to their land as quickly as possible.
Cédric Neuville is a ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) volunteer based in France and travelled to the Republic of the Congo to assist with the distribution of tents and other life-saving equipment.
‘This is my first deployment so far with ShelterBox. I got a great feeling helping these people in the areas directly affected by the explosion, close to their homes, so they can have a shelter during this rainy season. Families can now return to their homes and begin to rebuild their lives. The SRT, working closely with Rotarians from all three Brazzaville clubs and staff from SDV Congo-Bolloré Africa Logistics, will continue this process of pitching tents directly in the affected zone.’
The team has been working with the local communities and training them to pitch tents enabling them to be part of the solution.  So far 64 families have been sheltered and hundreds more tents are in the process of being distributed.
Following the explosion many families were separated and allowing them to return to their own land with a safe shelter to sleep in is assisting in reuniting communities. Cédric spoke with Sobonko Augustine whose children are currently living with her brother’s wife.
Cédric added: ‘My thanks go out to all ShelterBox supporters around the world, whose support has had a huge and positive impact on the people of the Republic of the Congo.’

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