Postcards to Your Letterbox, Donations to ShelterBox

ACT-based Lara Marks-Nash is about to embark on a 5,000 km, self-funded road-trip from Canberra to Darwin to raise money for ShelterBox Australia ….. in a very novel way. After stumbling across a ShelterBox display in Truro, Cornwall, whilst travelling in Europe, Lara visited the HQ Open Day in Helston where she met many volunteers, SRTs and staff members, and became inspired to be involved. Her idea is entitled, “From Letterboxes to ShelterBoxes”, and the project will see her drive almost the entire East coast of Australia and across the top to Darwin. Along the way, you can request a postcard from anywhere you like or of anything you chose (she’s already had requests for “the beach, a wombat and some cheese” … although not on the same postcard!). When the postcard arrives in your letterbox you make a donation to ShelterBox …… it’s as simple as that. Or as Lara puts it,

“Request a postcard! When your postcard finds a home in your letterbox, help provide a new home for someone through Shelterbox.”

Lara has put together a very professional website at where you can read all about her project, track her progress, request a card and make a donation.

Lara also has a Facebook page at :

Please click on the links, “like” her page and share with your friends. Let’s get behind this great fundraising idea and help Lara make it a success

Good luck Lara, and thanks ……… my first card is already in the post!

Portrait of Lara Marks-Nash

One comment

  1. Nick Greenslade · April 20, 2012

    A postcard of a beach and a postcard of a wombat please to complete my collection.
    I know a great joke about kangaroos if anyone would like to hear it?
    Best of luck
    Nick “gruyere” Greenslade

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