ShelterBox Update From Peru

Lazaro Tambraico Huacho is a husband and father who had been forced to leave his home in the mountainous area of Cusco in Peru, after it was hit by a landslide. Lazaro, his wife Eulalia Medina Calle and two children were one of 51 families who had been left with nothing after their homes, possessions and livestock were destroyed by heavy rain running down the mountain to their hometown. He speaks of the moment when the disaster struck: 

‘We already had problems with our land but one night, after very heavy rain, springs appeared within our house. We lost absolutely everything during the landslide – clothes, furniture, livestock, everything. We had to flee and we couldn’t take our belongings. We cannot return to our land as it’s completely destroyed along with our irrigation system that brought water to feed our crops.’

The entire community was forced to leave to new land at Pumarangio, a town approximately four kilometres away from their old homes, and to live in small, makeshift shelters on the side of a mountain.

image of Lazaro, Eulalia and their two children outside their new home, April 2012.



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