Letterboxes to ShelterBoxes Update

Lara is back on the road having been waylaid in Sydney with a chest infection. She is well on the way to raising enough for her first ShelterBox. Why not request one for a friend you haven’t written to for ages?

From Letterboxes To Shelterboxes

Hi everyone, I apologise for a whole week lapsing before writing an update here. On the day of departure I developed a brutal chest infection, and have spent the last week trying to fight it off. I am finally upright again so am gratefully detailing you with what I DID manage to do between sleeping and coughing up a lung.

My mum, Jen, joined me for this first leg of the journey and it was great to have her company. We stopped off at The Big Merino on the way to Sydney as planned. As we approached the big fella I was wondering where the door was and I thought “perhaps the entrance is around the rear?”.

This thought was followed by “are those to size?”….

We got to Sydney on Friday evening and were staying at Sydney Harbour YHA, which is situated in the The Rocks. The Rocks…

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