Disaster Preparedness at ShelterBox

ShelterBox prides itself in its rapid delivery of emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies to families in need after a disaster strikes. However to do this, the international disaster relief charity must be prepared. 

Nobody can predict when or where the next disaster will hit. Disaster preparedness boosts ShelterBox’s capacity to respond more efficiently and quickly to disasters when they happen around the world.

‘A ShelterBox does not just get sent out immediately when a disaster happens, it’s not that easy,’ said ShelterBox Operations Manager Alf Evans. ‘A lot of groundwork has to happen for a deployment to run smoothly and efficiently for emergency shelter to reach families made homeless by disaster.’

Map of locations where ShelterBoxes are currently prepositioned.

Map of locations where ShelterBoxes are currently prepositioned.

That is exactly what the ShelterBox Operations team do. There could be no active deployments but each member will still be busy with research, including building partnerships with other aid agencies, developing relationships with local authorities in other countries, and investigating locations for prepositioning stock. Without this groundwork, ShelterBox would not be able to deliver humanitarian aid as quickly and successfully as it does, bringing shelter, warmth and dignity to displaced families when they need it the most.



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