30th June is Social Media Day

From raising awareness and funds to online campaigns, social networks like Facebook and Twitter, have become a vital tool for charities to gain engagement, encouragement and action from supporters.

Yesterday, ShelterBox celebrated the third annual Social Media Day by exploring how the international disaster relief charity has recently made best use of its social networks, which continue to provide a powerful communications channel for building better and more rewarding relationships with supporters. Our very own Lara Marks Nash was featured on the International site. Below is an exact from the article.

Don’t forget to visit Lara’s website: http://letterboxshelterbox.wordpress.com and Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FromLetterboxesToShelterboxes and more importantly, don’t forget to request a postcard and share this with your friends. Thanks!

Social Media Day image

“In Australia, Lara Marks-Nash has been travelling from Canberra to Darwin in her beat-up old car, couch-surfing all the way. She is driving this 5,000 kilometre journey to raise funds for ShelterBox. People can request a postcard from anywhere along the route and when it arrives they make a donation.

‘I am running what I’m calling a postcard fundraiser,’ Lara explained. ‘I’ve built a website so that people can track me as I go, and they can request a postcard from anywhere I visit, or they could choose a theme. I post out the postcard to them, and when they receive it they donate to my chosen charity.’

ShelterBox Australia Communications Officer, Mike Greenslade, commented: ‘Lara has put together a fantastic blog where people can track her progress, read about her adventures and request a card.’

‘We’ve been promoting her on our blog, Facebook and Twitter pages and the project is reaching people worldwide, with postcard requests from as far away as Norway, Canada and the UK. This result really does show the power of social media.

Screen shot of Letterbox to Shelterbox website

Screen shot of Letterbox to Shelterbox website

Lara is currently in Coffs Harbour, on the NSW East coast and has already broken the AU$2,000 mark, almost halfway to her target of AU$5,000.

Lara first heard of ShelterBox when she stumbled across a display in Cornwall in Southwest England whilst she was travelling around Europe in 2010. She decided to get involved when she visited the ShelterBox headquarters Open Day, also in Cornwall, where she met incredible volunteers, ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) members and staff members, who she says were the source of her inspiration for her journey.

‘ShelterBox were very transparent about where their money went, which is the thing that impressed me most,’ said Lara.”

Read more here: Social Media Day


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