Aussie SRTs Undergo Training

Andrew Clouting, Australian ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) member, recently completed the new Advanced SRT Module A training course for experienced SRT members at ShelterBox Academy in Cornwall UK. The course is designed to provide candidates with a better understanding of self awareness, team dynamics and conflict resolution. In addition the course shadows the pre-selection SRT 9 day course. It is a great platform to provide continuing education to SRTs and also enable existing SRTs to provide support and advice to future ResponseTeam members.

SRT training on Dartmoor, UK

The simultaneously run SRT selection 9 day course was a great success. All 14 candidates were successful in graduating from the course and one of the recent graduates is currently being deployed to Uganda with highly experienced SRT member, David Webber.
The success of ShelterBox academy only highlights continuing development and professionalism that means ShelterBox is able to successfully help many people effected by disaster around the world.
Meanwhile in Australia, Alstonville-based SRT member, Mike Greenslade attended the AEMI‘s Volunteer Leadership Development Programme held on the Gold Coast along with Queensland Shelterbox Ambassador, Jennie Schoof. The course was run by the Attorney General’s Dept and was aimed at volunteer dissuader relief organisations such as the Red Cross, SES and Rural Fire Service to develop leadership skills, understand team dynamics and promote self-development.

Shelterbox Ambassador, Jennie Schoof presents at the Volunteer Leadership Development Programme on the Gold Coast

Jennie, who is a Project Coordinator for there Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islander Natural Disaster Resilience Project, presented to the group on her work with disaster preparedness for remote communities and the development of the Young Shelterbox Game. Still in it’s trial stage, the game challenges youth to think about what they need to know to be able to respond effectively to natural disasters.

We thank Jennie and Ann Marie Drummond (from the Attorney General’s Dept) for securing places on the course for ShelterBox representatives

Stay tuned for more about the Young ShelterBox game.


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