ShelterBoxes En Route to Flood Survivors in Russia

Map of the flood-hit area of Krasnodar region in southern Russia.

Map of the flood-hit area of Krasnodar region in southern Russia.

Torrential rains caused flash floods to sweep across southern Russia, forcing many families to leave their homes and take refuge in trees or on rooftops. 

As much as 280 millimetres of water fell on parts of the Krasnodar region in one night, the meteorological service reported.

Thousands of homes in the area have been shown completely submerged on Russian TV. Further reports say that at least 171 people have lost their lives, many being asleep at the time of the disaster.

1,000 families (3,500 people) are considered to be the worst affected by the floods, according to the assessment conducted by the Russian Red Cross.

Information from local Rotarians report that 400 houses are completely destroyed and a further 11,000 homes are damaged. They will not be rebuilt quickly. In response to a direct request for 150 ShelterBoxes and 50 tents, ShelterBox is deploying a Response Team to conduct a final assessment and oversee distribution.

‘Help families in need’ 

ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) member Eva Doerr (DE) is heading on her first deployment with experienced team leader Andrew Clouting (AU):

‘It is a nice feeling to know that I now get the chance to help families in need that have been affected by the flooding in southern Russia. Andrew and I will be flying into Krasnodar, a region close to the most affected areas, in order to get a picture of the situation and assess how far ShelterBox can help those in need.’

The 150 ShelterBoxes have been ear-marked to be given to families whose home is badly damaged and uninhabitable, but not destroyed, ensuring them security of their property and enabling to commence repair work and start rebuilding their lives.

‘Transparent and trustworthy’ 

‘As a Speaker for the German ShelterBox Affiliate I am aware of how much it takes to fund one ShelterBox,’ said Eva. ‘As an SRT member I am now responsible for delivering your commitment and engagement. That is what makes ShelterBox special – transparent and trustworthy. I am excited about doing the most for the most.’

See recent news footage here : Krasnodar

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