ShelterBox Finds Need For Shelter in Russia

Flood damage near Nizhnebakanskaya

Dedzhenie is an elderly lady who lives in Nizhnebakanskaya, a small village near Krymsk in southern Russia. When the rain did not stop, water levels rose trapping her in her home. She feared for her life until a young man saw her distressed. He broke through one of her windows and saved her dragging her out. Luckily she has her life but with her home damaged from the waters pouring into her house, she now has nowhere to live.

This is just one of many stories the ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) has heard from displaced families whilst assessing the need for aid in the Krasnodar region, following the worst floods the world’s largest country has ever experienced.

Reports say Krymsk and the surrounding area are the worst affected, where many people were caught unaware of waters pouring into their homes in the middle of the night.

The deputy mayor of Dedzhenie’s village has requested emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for 43 families who have had their homes marred by the floodwaters. ShelterBoxes will enable them to live in dignity as they rebuild their houses.

Flood survivors who have lost their homes will receive ShelterBox aid

Flood survivors who have lost their homes will receive ShelterBox aid

ShelterBox always needs local partners to bring families shelter, warmth and dignity in the quickest and most effective way. The SRT has been working closely with Krasnodar Rotary Club, which has been invaluable in assisting with needs assessments, transportation, contacts and logistics.

‘Rebuild their lives’

Russian national disaster management agency EMERCOM and community based search and rescue organisation Kuban Spas have also been central to ShelterBox’s response.

‘ShelterBox will be working with the community and government agencies in Russia to help facilitate the rebuilding of the communities surrounding Krymsk affected by the devastating floodwaters,’ said SRT member Andrew Clouting (AU).

‘The works planned will help these families rebuild their lives and hopefully allow them to move forward with their lives.’

SRT member Eva Doerr (DE) is on her first deployment:

‘Today was the first day for me of actually seeing and meeting families that have lost everything due to a disaster. Hearing the individual stories of the people affected, like the one of Dedzhenie, makes me realize the actual impact ShelterBox has on their lives.

Rotarians first point of contact

‘This is the first time ShelterBox has deployed to Russia. The Rotary Club of Krasnodar has been a great help for us. Their preparations made our progress today possible.’

Rotarians are often ShelterBox’s first point of contact on the ground following a disaster and provide vital assistance to Response Teams. Read more about ShelterBox’s Project Partnership with Rotary here



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