ShelterBox Australia Newsletter [July 2012]

Welcome our monthly eNewsletter for Shelterbox Australia.

July was another great month for donations as more Rotary Clubs dispersed their charity funds and the public gave generously. Our sincere thanks go out to all of those who contributed and you only have to read the reports below from Uganda and Russia to see just how much your efforts are both needed and appreciated.

July also saw the launch of the ShelterBox Australia App for Android phones. The app allows users to access the SBA website; blog; Facebook and Twitter pages all from one place. It also allows users to send an email or image to the Communications Officer direct from their phone, or link to the donations page. There is a calndar of upcoming events, but perhaps the most useful feature is the “Find Us” application that uses Google Maps to help users find the nearest ShelterBox speaker and Demo box.



The app is free to download from:

or from Google Play at:

I hope to publish a version for iPhone soon, so watch this space.

This month’s quote, hard to believe at the moment but probably true, comes Eric Shanteau,

“There’s a lot more to life than just the Olympic Games”

Thanks for your support

Mike Greenslade

SRTCommunications Officer, ShelterBox Australia

    RUSSIA – Flooding

A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) led by Australian SRT member, Andrew Clouting has returned from Russia after delivering life saving aid to flood survivors in the Southern region of Krasnodar. 150 ShelterBoxes and 50 tents were distributed. Andrew said, ” I am proud to be part of ShelterBox who truly make a difference to displaced families’ You can read more here: RUSSIA

  UGANDA – Mudslides

Heavy rains resulted in a large landslide on the slopes of Mount Elgon in Bududa in eastern Uganda at the end of June, sweeping away three villages and leaving hundreds of families homeless. A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) worked in conjunction with local Rotarians and the Ugandan Red Cross to distribute aid to those in need. A total of 115 boxes were distributed. Read more here: UGANDA


  PERU – Landslides and Flooding
In March ShelterBox responded to two separate disasters in Peru. Heavy rains triggered landslides that caused widespread damage in the remote mountainous region of Apurimac. Whilst in the Loreto region, in northern Peru, the unusually heavy rains led to extensive flooding. In July ShelterBox sent a monitoring and evaluation team back to these regions to assess the situation three months on. You can read more here: PERU


  St Finn Barr’s School, Launceston
Our thanks go out to the pupils of St Finn Barr’s Catholic School in Launceston, Tasmania for their fantastic fundraising efforts. Inspired by a presentation by ShelterBox Ambassador, Bill Dobson, class 3/4 and their teacher, Jessica Edwards set about raising funds to sponsor a box with great enthusiasm. Their efforts will now be greatly appreciated by a family who have lost their home to disaster somewhere in the world. You can read their story here: ST FINN BARR’S
 New Brochures
New brochures with donation froms are now available. Reps and Ambassadors are asked to use up their old ones first before ordering the updated version.
  From Letterboxes To ShelterBoxes
Lara’s epic fundraising journey continues and at time of writing she is just a few dollars short of $3000. If you haven’t already done so please check out Lara’s site at and use your social media outlets to spread the word, share it, like it, forward it to a friend!

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