Australian Response Team Member Talks About Russian Deployment

Last month ShelterBox responded to a request for aid after flash floods caused by torrential rain swept the Krasnodar Region in the South-West of Russia at approximately 10pm on July 6th, reportedly without warning. The water level rose in the area by 3 meters killing many hundreds of people. The impact of the disaster was accentuated by the combined rain fall on three surrounding mountains and the frailty of basic housing structures made of mud.
Flash floods caused extensive damage to homes in the Krasnodar region of SW Russia

Flash floods caused extensive damage to homes in the Krasnodar region of SW Russia

Australian ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) leader, Andrew Clouting and and German SRT, Eva Doerr headed up the relief effort which was hailed a huge success thanks to  close coordination with the Rotary club of Krasnodar. Andrew, a banking professional from Sydney said,
       “It was evident from the start that we were going to be combing strengths, this saw the club managing logistics, customs and other official government requirements and the SRT ensured the quality of assessment and distribution. 150 families were housed and provided clean residences which enabled them to rebuild their lives. Importantly we were able to expedite the distribution of boxes thanks with the support of the regional government and local volunteers.’
‘The Russian response was very gratifying to be part of given it was made up of many firsts: It was the first time I had led an SRT team on deployment; it was the first deployment for my team mate Eva and it was the first time ShelterBox had responded within Russia. Both Eva and myself are proud of the work from all involved, which enabled an efficient high quality response. That meant the people who were so badly effected will be better placed to rebuild their lives and avoid disease in what is the worst time in their lives.

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