Operations Coordinator Speaks from The Philippines

ShelterBox recipients at a camp set up in San Fernando, August 2012.

ShelterBox recipients at a camp set up in San Fernando, August 2012.


ShelterBox Response Teams (SRTs) have been in the Philippines over the past month delivering much needed aid to families whose homes were flooded by Tropical Storm Haikui. 

Dams on nearby rivers broke and the monsoon storm poured 30 centimetres of rain on the capital Manila, the worst downpour it had seen in three years, causing floodwaters to rise and damage to infrastructure.

‘It’s like a water world,’ said Benito Ramos, the head of the country’s disaster response agency.

ShelterBox has been working in and around Manila providing emergency shelter and other non-food items to families in need, including towns around Lake Laguna.

Fionn McKee is a ShelterBox Operations Coordinator who has been helping coordinate ShelterBox’s response in country and speaks about the deployment from Manila:

‘As always ShelterBox can’t do its work unless its got trusted local partners to work with so we’re really pleased to be working once again with All Hands to set the tents up quicker,’ said Fionn. ‘We worked with their volunteers in Mindanao in southern Philippines following Tropical Storm Sendong that hit in December 2011.

‘We have also had fantastic assistance from the Philippines Navy and Marines with logistics as they have been transporting the aid from prepositioned stock in Filipino city Clark to the affected areas. As always the local Rotary network has been fantastic.’

Read more here: PHILIPPINES


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