Tents Needed in Nigeria to Replace Homes Lost in Flood

Flood water recedes slowly near Akinima, Rivers State, Nigeria

Flood water recedes slowly near Akinima, Rivers State, Nigeria

The ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) on the ground in Nigeria have continued their needs assessments in the flood stricken country, whilst awaiting the arrival of the first consignment of boxes. SRT members, Mike Greenslade (AUS) and Derek Locke (USA) flew south to Port Harcourt, in Rivers State, to meet with Rotary and local government contacts.

Mike said, “Many of the flood affected areas remain underwater and unseasonal daily rainstorms have only exacerbated the situation. Following a meeting the Deputy Governor of Rivers State, His Excellency Tele Ikuru, we were shown around some of the temporary camps in local schools. The displaced people are being well looked after but conditions are crowded. In Mbiama there were 1800 people sharing one school, in Akinima, another 1000.’
‘His Excellency said we have arrived at a critical time because many people are keen to move back to their land as soon as the water recedes. ShelterBox can provide a solution for those whose whose homes are badly damaged or completely destroyed, whilst they begin to rebuild their lives.”
Meanwhile, in Idah, Kogi State, preparations for the first ShelterBox camp are well underway. Derek reports, “We’ve been working closely with the local government Liaison Officers and are really pleased with progress on the first camp. Pit latrines have being dug and a bore hole drilled  for the provision of fresh water. We eagerly await the imminent arrival of our first boxes”
Local government workers prepare pit latrines at the ShelterBox camp site

Local government workers prepare pit latrines at the ShelterBox camp site


Team 2, comprising Ian Neal (UK) and Tom Newman (UK) have arrived safely in country and the handover process is well underway.

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  1. Eniata Abieba · September 23

    Flood is at it again. In Rivers State, Nigeria, inhabitants have started fleeing Akinima as flood destroys homes/crops.

    • MikeGreenslade · September 25

      Hi Eniata, Thanks for the comment. I’m very sorry to hear that your state is experiencing flooding again. I have forward your concerns to our operations dept who will be in touch. All the best, Mike.

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