ShelterBox Responding to Philippines Typhoon

Satellite Photograph by NASA - NASA’s Earth Observatory

Photograph by NASA – NASA’s Earth Observatory


An intense typhoon has carved a path of destruction through the Philippines leaving many families in desperate need of emergency shelter. A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) is being mobilised to respond. 

Typhoon Bopha struck northern Palawan with winds of 120 kilometres per hour and gusts of up to 150 kilometres per hour. Coastal, farming and mining regions were affected by the typhoon with Compostela Valley province, in eastern Mindanao, thought to have been the hardest-hit area. It is estimated that around 70 per cent of the region’s agricultural land has been damaged.

Many regions remain isolated due to power outages, lack of communications and damaged roads and bridges. Thousands of people are reported to be in need of temporary shelter having lost their homes to the typhoon.

SRT member Sonny Ongkiko (PH) has responded to several tropical storms in the region before. He will join SRT members from overseas and local Rotarians to assess the need for emergency shelter.


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