ShelterBox Update: Syria refugee crisis

Syrian refugee children at Domiz camp, Iraq Kurdistan, November 2012.

Syrian refugee children at Domiz camp, Iraq Kurdistan, November 2012.


Hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians are displaced from their homes due to unrest in the Syrian Arab Republic that has been mounting since March 2011. 

To date, over 411,000 people are estimated by the United Nations to have fled to neighbouring Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon, putting an increasing strain on the governments and host communities. Up to two million are displaced within Syria itself. Numbers are not going to ease.

ShelterBox has partnered with Solidarités International, a humanitarian organisation that provides aid and assistance to survivors of war or natural disaster, to bring ShelterBox aid to internally displaced families in Syria living along Turkey’s border.

A truck is en route to the affected area packed with ShelterBox kit including blankets, groundsheets, sets of hats, gloves and scarfs, water carriers, stoves and fuel bottles, as requested by Solidarités International. They stressed the urgency of the need for this winterised aid as families are becoming desperate with cold, wet winter conditions approaching.

‘Inadequate insulation’ 

‘Some people are living in basic, cold concrete structures, others in tents, that are both not winterised so therefore have inadequate insulation,’ said a representative from Solidarités International. ‘Many do not have proper cooking equipment either.’

Read more here: SYRIAN CRISIS

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