A Birthday Gift of Shelter, Warmth & Dignity


Peter Smith., a member of the Rotary Club of Wahroonga, celebrated his 70th birthday in January. Peter contacted the SheltertBox office to say, that like many of us, he could not think of too many things he wanted as a birthday present. So he decided to give the guests to his party the opportunity to make a donation in favour of ShelterBox in lieu of a present.

The ShelterBox office in Sydney sent Peter a pull-up banner that shows the relief tent, box and contents and by the time the party was over, enough had been raised for 2 ShelterBoxes. That’s a birthday gift of Shelter, Warmth & Dignity to 2 families affected by disaster.

Peter reckons it is one of the best presents he has ever had!

Do you know of anyone with an upcoming birthday who might like a gift that makes a real difference? If so, contact sbaoffice@shelterbox.org.au  and we can orgainise a pull-up and information material for you and your friends.


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