Recovery Continues After Tasmanian Bushfires

The cost to the state of January’s bushfires in Tasmania was recently put at a $45 million. The emotional and human cost is still being calculated. The village of Dunalley was severely affected and School Chaplain, David Walker and his family were one of those to lose their home.

The Walker family home, Brynmoor, before and after the fires

The Walker family home, Brynmoor, before and after the fires

Below are some reflections from David on how ShelterBox and Rotary have helped his family cope with the aftermath:

“The fires of January 4th 2013, destroyed many homes and properties in the Dunalley region. Our home was one of the homes that were totally destroyed on that day, along with our small cottage, large shed, family car, cubby house and many hundreds of metres of fencing. This left my wife, our five children and myself with only the clothes we were wearing, as a token reminder of our possessions.

Post fires we have been very impressed by the emotional and practical support from all tiers of Government and service providers. The Rotary Clubs that help in the distribution of the ShelterBox’s are one of those service providers that have been on the ground helping people like us. We first noticed one of the prominent white ShelterBox tents erected on a property close to ours. After a few phone calls we soon made contact with the ShelterBox providers in our area.

The ShelterBox enables us to work on our five acre property and use the tent as a safe and secure place to bed down our two youngest children for their afternoon sleeps. The ShelterBox is kitted out with many practical items that make life a little more uncomplicated and straightforward in the midst of so much destruction and change.

To us, the ShelterBox is more than emergency accommodation, it is a reflection of a caring organisation that puts peoples practical and emotional wellbeing as a priority.

Kind regards,

David Walker”

The Walker family

The Walker family before the fires

You can help families like David’s and thousands of others around the world by donating here: PLEASE DONATE




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