Letterboxes to ShelterBoxes Announces Grand Total


One of the most unique fundraising efforts for Shelterbox Australia has announced the final total money generated.

Letterboxes to Shelterboxes” saw Canberra-based Lara Marks-Nash embark on a self-funded road-trip from the nation’s capital. Lara travelled to Sydney, up the East Coast and across the top, all the way to Darwin. Along the way, through Lara’s specially designed website, supporters could request a postcard and make a donation when it arrived at it’s destination.

"The car's made it this far!" Lara crosses into the Northern Territory.

“The car’s made it this far!” Lara crosses into the Northern Territory.


5,000 kms and190 postcards later, and Lara’s fundraising adventure announced at grand total of $5,757.47! Due to the way the money rolled in, the project part-funded 15 ShelterBoxes, 5 of which were deployed to flood-stricken Nigeria last year with another 2 going to more flood victims in Pakistan. The remaining 8 boxes are yet to be deployed.

A big thank you to Lara and her travelling companion, Jo for their fantastic efforts and thanks also to all those who supported them along the way. You can read the full story on Lara’s website: http://www.letterboxshelterbox.wordpress.com

Now, who’s up for continuing the journey from Darwin?




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