ShelterBox Participates in World Refugee Day 2013

World Refugee Day 2013 - Over 5 million Syrians forced to leave their homes - that's more than twice the population of Paris

World Refugee Day 2013

The civil war in Syria has forced millions of families from their homes, and in many cases from the country entirely. With the increased fighting and changing of control of particularly hostile towns and villages, more and more civilians are flooding across the border into neighbouring countries. This World Refugee Day, ShelterBox would like to draw attention to the families in need in the region and its response to the ongoing conflict.

Over one million Syrian people have registered as refugees since the beginning of the year, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR). There are now over 1.6 million refugees, three quarters of them being women and children, seeking safety and shelter in foreign countries, placing unprecedented strain on communities, infrastructure and services in host countries.
ShelterBox has been helping Syrian families in need in Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon over the past 18 months. The vast majority of fleeing families arrive with little more than the clothes on their backs.
UNHCR has said if current trends persist, it can be expected that over three million Syrians would have left the country by the end of 2013. Thanks to donors worldwide, ShelterBox will continue to bring essential aid to Syrian families in need whilst needs remain.
If you would like to make a difference to a family made homeless by disaster and help alleviate their suffering please donate here.



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