ShelterBox Helps Schools Recover in Solomon Islands

ShelterBox aid arriving on the island of Santa Cruz, Solomon Islands, February 2013.

ShelterBox aid arriving on the island of Santa Cruz, Solomon Islands, February 2013.


ShelterBox tents have been used to assist schools in the Solomon Islands in their recovery programmes in partnership with World Vision (WV), following the 8.0-magnitude earthquake that shook the island of Santa Cruz last February. 
The tremor caused three waves of approximately 1.5 metres in height, which came inland flooding many coastal villages in Temotu province.  The tsunami caused substantial damage to houses, community buildings, agriculture, schools, water supplies and power lines.
ShelterBox was quick to respond sending disaster relief tents from stock prepositioned in New Zealand to meet the immediate shelter needs of the affected population.
‘Over the past few months the tents have been used by teachers and other staff members across 14 schools that were affected in Santa Cruz as temporary housing to enable them to continue to teach and work during the recovery phase,’ said ShelterBox Operations Coordinator Dave Ray. ‘World Vision acted as our implementing partner distributing the tents alongside classroom tents provided by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).’

Tents useful in recovery

Martin Laale is the principle at Nea community high school that was forced to close down after the disaster. In an interview with WV, he said he found the disaster relief tents to be very useful in the early recovery plans:
‘Thanks to WV and ShelterBox, teachers who lost their homes were able to stay in the tents at the school letting them to remain in work and earn a living as well as allowing students to continue to learn and resume their education.’



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