Family Survives on Car Roof in Sudan floods

Rubble left behind after heavy rains and flash floods hit Khartoum state, Sudan, August 2013.

Rubble left behind after heavy rains and flash floods hit Khartoum state, Sudan, August 2013.


Fatih Al-Rahman was eating his dinner late at night with his wife and five children during Ramadan, having just finished work as a taxi driver when they heard people screaming outside in the dark. Fatih rushed outside and saw that water was coming in through the gate to his courtyard. He tried to stop the flow but the water then broke through the fence to the back of their house. With the water rising, they escaped outside to the only secure place they could find – his car roof.
Fatih saved his youngest children carrying them on his shoulders as he walked from the house to the car in water up to his neck. They all survived on the car roof for almost 12 hours in darkness throughout the night before they were saved by boat the following day.
When the water receded, Fatih and his family returned to their home to find that it was totally destroyed. They now have nothing left except each other.
‘When we asked Fatih what his biggest wish for help was he answered ‘a better shelter,’ said ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) member Jan Larsson (SE), who is part of the team assessing the need for emergency shelter following the flooding in Sudan.
‘No homes, no possessions’
‘This is the case for thousands of other families in Khartoum state, where almost half of the destroyed houses are in the African country. The area was inundated with up to two metres of floodwaters causing extensive damage to infrastructure and leaving thousands of families with nothing; no homes, no possessions.’
ShelterBoxes are en route to the affected area packed with lifesaving aid, including a disaster relief tent designed for an extended family as well as to withstand extreme weather conditions, essential for those families like Fatih’s who are in desperate need of shelter as they start to rebuild their homes.


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