Young Max Steps Up For ShelterBox

Max Lathwell, from Gosnells in Perth, was only 11 when he became aware of Shelterbox earlier this year. Max was taking part in the “Dare To Lead” project run by WA’s Primary Education Challenge Programme (PEAC) and luckily for us, he chose ShelterBox as the beneficiary of his work. Inspired by recent events in the news, like the floods in Bundaberg and the bush fires in Tasmania, Max put his caring nature to great use. The story is perhaps best told in Max’s words, as shown in his brilliant report.

Max's final artwork for his ShelterBox project

Max’s final artwork for his ShelterBox project


“I chose to raise money for Shelter Box Australia as my dare to lead project after seeing a display at The Duck Race in Mandurah.

The decision to support SBA has become passionate to me because of how it helps give families their dignity after they have been affected by disaster.

I had to come up with ways to raise money???  So I first emailed Mrs June Wade who had the contents of the Shelter Box on display at The Duck Race and is a Shelter Box District Representative. I needed to find out what I was allowed to use with the SBA logo. The reply was good and I printed some posters to help me explain to family and friends what I wanted to raise money for.

I planned to raise enough money for one Shelter Box, but I was hoping for two.  So I started by making donation tins.  I also enlisted help from my parents [as I am not allowed to door knock] to tell their work mates about my project and hopefully they would put their hands in their pockets.

I also got my friends involved to do the same thing. My sister, Georgie put some of her savings in the tin.

Then I emailed Mr Ken Wyatt, our local MP, and asked if there was anything the shire could help with.

Then it was time to ask my school to help. We decided to have a Free Dress Day for a gold coin donation. I designed posters, had them printed and put them up around the school, also had one put in the School Newsletter. Now the planning was done it was time to start counting.

My school had a call from Mr Wyatt saying he wanted to meet me and hear my ideas. He came to school and presented me with a cheque for $100 Plus $10 from himself. I was very nervous.

Then the money started rolling in. The free dress day was a success raising $372.75, the tins raised a total of $1507.50 and with the chq I have a total of $1980.25.  I have put money in to make it up to $2000 and my goal is reached. This will be donated and will buy two Shelter Boxes.

Each Shelter Box is numbered and can be followed to where it is needed. I am looking forward to knowing where the Boxes will end up and for the family to have a little help in their time of need.”

Max’s efforts are such an inspiration that he’s been invited to meet the West Australian Governor at Government House on 17th October.

I’m sure you’ll all join me in congratulating Max on his efforts. There will be two families somewhere in the world that will receive the gift of Shelter.Warmth & Dignity because of what this young man has achieved. THANK YOU MAX!

Syria Refugee Appeal image courtesy of Aram Karim/Metrography

Syria Refugee Appeal image courtesy of Aram Karim/Metrography




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