ShelterBox CEO Meets Beneficiaries In Philippines

Alison Wallace talking to Laticia Levid.  Kinablagan camp 3 August 2013

Alison Wallace talking to Laticia Levid. Kinablagan camp 3 August 2013


Since joining ShelterBox in April as CEO, Alison Wallace has heard many stories from the field; spoken in-depth to the ShelterBox operations team about ShelterBox’s disaster response; and heard from Response Team volunteers about what it’s like to deliver aid to families in need. However, it was on a recent monitoring and evaluation (M&E) trip to the Philippines that Alison got to meet and speak to ShelterBox beneficiaries directly.
‘Since I started at ShelterBox I have always been extremely keen to go out into the field and witness first-hand the difference ShelterBox makes. Joining the M&E trip to the Philippines was the ideal opportunity to meet our beneficiaries and hear their experiences for myself.
‘The first family I met was Laticia Levid, her husband and their 21-year-old daughter who has Down’s Syndrome.
‘Laticia and her family previously lived near the river and managed to flee their home before the typhoon struck, taking shelter at a house along the highway. When that house was destroyed the family were forced to stay on the open road for eight hours overnight, taking shelter for two hours in a hollowed tree. When they were finally able to return home they found their house had been completely destroyed.
‘Hearing about what Laticia and her family went through during the typhoon was heart breaking. They lost everything they had, which was not much to begin with, and nine months on they are still struggling to rebuild their lives.
Read more here: Philippines



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