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 eNewsletter September 2014

ShelterBox is proud to be a Project Partner of Rotary International

Welcome to our monthly eNewsletter for ShelterBox Australia.

The Madressa family in Balinad, Philippines had been forced to seek shelter in a chicken coup before being given a ShelterBox tent

I recently returned from a deployment to the Philippines, helping families affected by Typhoon Rammasun (known locally as Glenda). It was a very rewarding and interesting exercise. Rewarding because we were able to help so many families and interesting because I saw firsthand the evolution of ShleterBox at work. We are no longer a ‘one size fits all’ organisation and have many options available to us when helping families affected by disaster. In the Albay province of the Philippines, those affected by Glenda were mostly the poorest of the poor, the elderly, sick and disabled.

You can read details and see images of my deployment on the ShelterBox Australia blog (click the link at the bottom the of the page) but it was the first time I’d not been distributing full boxes. The decision to do so was entirely appropriate, mainly to issues with equity (how can one family received a full box and their neighbour receive nothing just because they only lost a roof?). Also, by delivering tents only or Shelter Kits, we were able to help more families, many of which wouldn’t have qualified for a full box.

Whilst there will always be a need for Shelterboxes (several hundred are on their way to Nepal and Niger as I write), increasingly we are seeing the need for flexibility in our response.

Please consider making a donation to the ‘ShelterBox Solution’ today and help us help more families in desperate need.

This month’s quote comes from Dr Seuss, “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”


Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.

Many thanks for your support


Mike Greenslade

General Manager

ShelterBox Australia

0459 959 501



 Philippines – Typhoon Rammasun

When Typhoon Rammasun tore through the Albay province of the Philippines in late July, it didn’t garner the same publicity as it’s big brother, Haiyan. However, thousands of families were affected, mainly the poor. Successive SRTs deployed to the area and with generous help from the Rotary Club of Legazpi managed to distribute hundreds of tents and Shelter Kits to vulnerable families. With damage spread over a large area, aid was transported by any means available, car, truck, boat, and even on foot. Beneficiary data is still being analysed but over 1,000 families were assisted.


 Iraq – Conflict

ShelterBox currently has prepositioned stock in Iraq and will be working with UNHCR and ACTED to move 500 UN specification tents to Duhok, near the border with Syria, to be used to establish a camp to provide shelter for internally displaced people (IDP’s) such as those fleeing Sinjar Mountain. Concerns over security and equity mean that ShelterBox relief tents are not suitable. Once again, the increasing need to be flexible means that boxes will not be deployed.

 Nepal – Flooding

Earlier this month, communities along the Nepal-China border were submerged by rising floodwater. Meanwhile similar scenes have been witnessed along the Nepalese border with India and many districts in-between. It is now estimated that as many as 19 districts are currently underwater across the mountainous country. As conditions have worsened fears of a potential outbreak of cholera have now emerged. A ShelterBox response team has arrived and is assessing the need and feasibility of a response.

ShelterBox is currently monitoring disasters in the Bangledesh, Niger, Gaza, Central African Republic and Ukraine


In Memorandum – Alan Jones

The ShelterBox and Rotary community has lost one its staunchest supporters. Former 9790 District Rep and longtime ShelterBox advocate, Alan Jones, passed away last week and a prolonged illness. Even as Alan battled his disease he worked tirelessly for the cause he loved, saying, “I find it important to keep busy and to focus on other things and what better than ShelterBox?” A fund has been set up in Alan’s memory and those wishing to contribute can contact Steve Crosling at:

Our thoughts go out to Alan’s wife, Kerry and his family. Alan will be sorely missed.


French’s Forest Guides

French’s Forest Guides recently invited District 9685 Rep, Peter Smith to talk at one of their meetings and demonstrate the contents of a box. The girls had been busy fundraising for ShelterBox and presented Peter with a cheque for$1,000! A fantastic effort by the girls, THANK YOU!. Peter was impressed with the calibre of the questions and the level of knowledge and interest from the guides. As a token of thanks, the guides have been given an old ShelterBox tent and some out of  date box contents for use at camp. The old, green-style tent has been superseded by the new white tent, which is in constant review and subject to redesign. We are more than happy see this old equipment go to good use with Guides and Scouts groups. Get in touch with if your troop could use such equipment, but be quick as stock is limited.




Coin Co Money-Spinners

Following our recent collaboration with Coin Co International, we have begun to roll out our first money-spinners. We can supply a range of collection boxes, from spinners (ideal for supermarkets and malls) to globes (ideal for airports), to towers (great for banks and small businesses) and counter-top boxes (for pubs, coffee shops, etc). If you know of a local business that would be willing to place one of our collection boxes, please contact Mike at

The boxes are provided free of charge and collected & replaced when full. Coins and notes of all denominations are accepted. We can also provide promotional material to go with the boxes. Please help us raise awareness and much-needed funds.Thank you!

Last month, a spinner was placed at the Blackheath Golf Club and 2 spinners were bought by Rotary Clubs in WA for use at events ……… Yes, spinners are available to buy too …. BUT WE CAN SUPPLY THEM FREE!


Socks 4 Syria


Fundraising resources for our ‘Socks 4 Syria’ campaign are now available on the website. You can download posters, donation forms, bucket wraps and more from:



Have you held a successful fundraising event or are you planning one? Please send me the details, including images, for inclusion in the next newsletter and promotion on the ShelterBox Australia Blog at:

Support the ‘ShelterBox Solution’ and help families who have lost everything to disaster. Please ………..




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