Australian SRT Member Helps Set The Standard In Malaysia

Image of ShelterBox camp in Malaysia


During the last few weeks Malaysia has been hit by intense monsoon rains, which have caused the worst floods in decades and are set to continue.
The first ShelterBox response volunteers arrived in late December and further teams have arrived to assist with the assessment and distribution of aid to people who have lost their homes in the floods.
One team, made up of Andrew Clouting (AUS) and Jack Bailey (UK), has just finished establishing a camp in the district of Gua Musang in the north–east of Malaysia, which contains 100 tents, mains water, kitchen and toilet facilities.
In creating the camp, the team worked with the local authorities including the local police, the Malaysian National Security Council (NSC) and the Special Malaysia Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (SMART) to form a coordinated response and were able to put all 100 tents up in just three days.
As there has not been the need for this type of response in Malaysia before, the ShelterBox team members were able to pass on their knowledge and experience of creating camps and the best practice for managing them in the long-term.
SMART will take on the management of the camp and will use it as a case study to form a benchmark for camp standards in the future, monitoring its effectiveness for the life of the camp.
The teams are now focussing their efforts on the neighbouring district of Kuala Krai, where many villages have been destroyed.

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