Millions Of People Urgently Need Shelter In Nepal As Temperatures Plummet

People shelter under flimsy shelters in Kathmandu, Nepal (Becky Maynard/ShelterBox)

People shelter under flimsy shelters in Kathmandu, Nepal (Becky Maynard/ShelterBox)


With temperatures dropping to zero in many parts of Nepal, along with constant thunderstorms and rain, the need for shelter has become even more desperate after Saturday’s deadly earthquake.
The quake has damaged an estimated 600,000 homes in the country, leaving almost three million people with nowhere to go.  Frequent aftershocks mean that even surviving buildings could collapse at any minute, forcing people to sleep out in the open.
Families have resorted to creating temporary shelters made from whatever can be salvaged from the rubble, but these flimsy shelters aren’t enough to protect people from the harsh weather bearing down on Nepal.
Thunderstorms are predicted for the next week, while heavy downpours look likely to turn into monsoon rains, bringing the threat of flooding and waterborne diseases.
In addition, scientists worry that the impact of the earthquake could have reached as far as Nepal’s glacial lakes, destabilising them and increasing the risk of further flooding and landslides.
Phil Duloy, part of the first ShelterBox response team to arrive in Nepal, said: ‘Each day the population of Nepal is experiencing thunder and heavy rains, and with the monsoon season coming, there is a possibility of flooding as well. With so many people sleeping outside, this terrible weather makes the speed of our response even more crucial.’
ShelterBox is sending shelter kits to Nepal, which will help people to clear rubble, mend structures and make sturdy temporary shelters that can be adapted and moved when needed. More ShelterBox response teams are on the way to identify the people most in need and to distribute aid.
However, we need your support to be able to continue sending aid to Nepal to make sure that no one is left without shelter after this terrible disaster. Please help the people of Nepal today, DONATE NOW.

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