Helping Isolated Communities Despite Second Deadly Quake

Image of old Nepalese lady walking amongst runis

A resident walks through the remains of the Pipaldanda, a village in Sindhupalchok, Nepal that was completely devastated by Nepal’s earthquakes. (Liam Arthur/ShelterBox)


As Nepal struggles to come to terms with a second major earthquake, which hit this morning, our ShelterBox response teams are continuing their work to provide shelter to isolated communities in the country’s mountainous regions.
Before this morning’s earthquake had hit, our ShelterBox response team in the district of Sindhupalchok had managed to provide emergency shelter to almost 1,000 families who had already been made homeless by the first earthquake to shake the country two weeks ago.
The team, which is made up of Liz Odell and Liam Arthur (both from the UK), has been working with the Nepal Red Cross Society to reach some of the country’s most remote communities.
This video, shot by Liam Arthur, shows the challenging terrain and utter devastation they have come across while distributing aid to families:
Despite these difficult conditions, the team has succeeded in delivering 438 United Nations specification tents and 500 shelter kits in the last few days. The tents and shelter kits, which can be used to create temporary shelters and repair existing structures, have been chosen as they are easy to transport, collect and carry over difficult ground.
Unfortunately, the road to Nepal’s capital Kathmandu is currently impassible, which means that no more kit or response teams are able to travel to the district for the time being.
However, the team, who are based in the humanitarian aid hub sent up in the town of Chautara, still have more than 70 tents left. Some of the tents will be used as field clinics to treat people wounded by the quake, while others will be provided to families who have lost their homes in the immediate vicinity.
You can help by donating here: PLEASE DONATE

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