Video: Rebuilding Homes In Malawi

Two women with Shelter Kits balanced on their heads

People in Malawi receive shelter kits to help repair homes damaged by heavy rains and flooding. (Rachel Harvey/ShelterBox)


During our recent response in Malawi to extreme rainfall and flooding, which destroyed many homes and left others uninhabitable, ShelterBox provided a mixture of aid items tailored to the needs of each community.

When intense rainfall at the start of the year caused some of the worst floods Malawi had seen in more than 40 years, ShelterBox started a response that lasted almost three months. In that time, the response teams not only worked hard to find vulnerable families that had completely lost their homes, but also those who needed assistance in repairing and waterproofing damaged homes.

In this video, ShelterBox response team member Rachel Harvey shows us how the teams identified people who would benefit from shelter kits, which contain items such as tarpaulins, nails and tools, to help people repair damaged structures as well as make temporary shelters if needed too.

Rachel and her team also visited one of the recipients of a shelter kit to see how useful it had been. While they were there, they were able to help make a few adjustments to ensure that the family’s new tarpaulin roof would remain secure and waterproof.

During our response in Malawi, we were able to provide shelter to almost 2,000 families in total (including 1,224 ShelterBoxes)

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