Video: Growing Up In The Shadow Of War



With no end in sight to the war in Syria, living in emergency camps and temporary shelters has become an everyday reality for many children.

Even though thousands of families flee Syria each year, there are many more that are unable to leave, families that have become displaced in their own country.

ShelterBox has been working with implementing partners in Syria for two and a half years, supporting people newly displaced by fighting with shelter.

As the war has raged on, people who were forced from their homes by fighting have found themselves living in camps for long periods of time. Inevitably, exposure to the extremes of Syria’s climate has taken its toll on these temporary shelters, meaning that children are growing up in tattered tents, exposed to the elements.

This is why ShelterBox has been working with several organisations, such as the Violet Organization, to replace old tents with ones that are durable and resilient to harsh winters and strong sun.

In this video, we meet some of the families that we have been providing with new tents to see what a difference it has made to them.

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