ShelterBox is supporting families fleeing Mosul, but we need your help!



Forced out by crossfire and the threat of chemical weapons, families fleeing Mosul desperately need shelter and safety. Help us be there to give them the safety and protection that ShelterBox aid can provide.

For the last two years, Islamic State has had a tight grip on the city of Mosul, Iraq. But on Monday, 17 October, Iraqi security forces, along with Kurdish and Tribal forces and support from the US, began a military offensive to retake the city.

While this fighting could signal a massive change in the war, thousands of families have been left in the crossfire. Military assaults are happening all over the city, especially in densely populated areas, and the threat of chemical warfare hangs heavy in the air.

In the midst of this chaos, the residents of Mosul are looking for an escape. Almost a thousand people have fled the city, but this could turn into hundreds of thousands – even a million.

Biggest crisis the country has ever seen

The decision to flee is a brutal one. Between the unimaginable horrors of Islamic State rule and the country’s borders lie miles of desert, harsh storms and bitterly cold nights. This could be the biggest humanitarian crisis the country has seen.

We have to be there, not just to provide physical shelter, but safety and protection after years of suffering.


We cannot fail these families

One of our dedicated ShelterBox response teams is on the ground now, working hard to provide shelter. Almost 500 of our family-sized ShelterBox tents have just arrived in the country, with another 1,500 on the way, but we need more. We have to be prepared. We cannot greet these families with empty hands.

Please help us reach them – before it’s too late.


Your donation will help us provide durable family-sized tents to people forced out of Mosul with no belongings and nowhere to go.

You’ll also help us support those who have managed to find temporary shelter in half-built and damaged buildings.

In the region of Duhok, in Northern Iraq, we’re already providing families with ShelterKits filled with all the essentials they need.

Tough, durable tarpaulins can be used to make a waterproof shelter next to any remaining wall, while mattresses and blankets give people somewhere warm and comfortable to sleep. Simple items like solar lamps and water carriers help to make daily life a little easier and much safer. Everything is easy to carry so if a family needs to move and find shelter elsewhere it can be taken with them.


We have been working in Iraq since 2012, supporting people fleeing from conflict both in Iraq and across the border in Syria.

We’re working in the country right now. Helping families who need our help today, along with those who will need it tomorrow.

ShelterBox response team member Rachel Harvey reports from Seje in Northern Iraq on our work with fellow aid agency ACTED to make unfinished houses weatherproof for families on the run from Islamic State.

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