Aleppo and Mosul – my impatience is growing

Here’s a passionate blog post from the CEO of ShelterBox, Chris Warham…….

Chris Warham

It’s been going on for years.  We have watched TV report after TV report of bombs, bullets, mutilated children and racing ambulances.  We have heard cries from the UN and governments for humanitarian ‘pauses’, safe corridors.  Everyone but everyone but everyone knows that there will ultimately be no military solution to Syria or IS or the ethnic/religious conflict between Sunni and Shia.

So why in the early 21st century do we persist in believing that bombs, bullets, cruise missiles and gas are the answer.  In the end all parties have to talk, to accommodate, to find ways of living together (as Syrians did for so many years).

I am on no-ones ‘side’.

I am not interested in the rights and wrong

aleppo White helmets helping children in Aleppo after an airstrike (Via

s of each faction.

But I am passionate about how we help the blameless who are suffering…

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