What about Chad and the other forgotten humanitarian crises?

A thought provoking blog from ShelterBox CEO, Chris Warham about yet another ‘hidden’ crisis………

Chris Warham

I spent much of a career working with journalists and the media.  I watched journalists take and shape stories.  I saw the good the bad and the ugly.  Brilliant investigative journalism that exposed rogues and villains and cheap dirty journalism that twisted words to score vindictive points.  I saw political bias colour stories. I even saw fake news (to use a Trump’ism).

But I think what aggrieves me more than anything is the parochial bias of the ‘western’ (used figuratively)  national news media. If it’s not happening in one of perhaps ten countries then its not happening at all.

Last week in Oslo, the UN along with Germany and Norway hosted a conference on the incredibly difficult humanitarian crisis that is on-going in the Chad Basin in West Africa.

chad-map The Chad Basin

Oslo Humanitarian Conference for Nigeria and the Lake Chad region …

The conference heard that over the past five…

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