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eNewsletter September 2018

ShelterBox is proud to be a Project Partner of Rotary International

A devastating super typhoon is due to hit the Luzon district of the Phiippines today

As I write this evening, a horrendously powerful typhoon is heading toward the Philippines. By the time you read this, the people of Luzon region will be experiencing the terrible destructive power of the strongest storms to make landfall this year.

Our Operations department has been monitoring the storm and has a Response Team mobilised and on standby. They have reached out to Rotary contacts in the region to understand how we can help quickly. We have enough shelter aid stored locally in the Philippines to help 2,000 families, but this is unlikely to be enough.

I have been warmed by the generous response to our Lombok Appeal and would like to thank all those that have given recently; but the fact remains that, with Response Teams already active in seven countries, Typhoon Mangkhut is going to leave is stretched.

This newsletter contains some great success stories, tales of hope and strength that wouldn’t be possible without the support of people like you. If you’re not in a position to give today, please tell your friends about ShelterBox, share our posts on Facebook and Instagram and share our vision of a world where no family is left without shelter following disaster.

This month’s quote comes from Miguel de Cervantes, “Forewarned, forearmed; to be prepared is half the victory.

Many thanks for your support


Mike Greenslade, CEO ShelterBox Australia

Deployment News


Lombok – Earthquake

The disaster response in Lombok is being led by the Indonesian Government. We currently have a team of four in Lombok, including Australian volunteer and Rotoractor, Katelyn Winkworth. The team is working in partnership with local Rotary clubs, helping to run training sessions and assisting with delivering aid to families. So far, together with those local Rotary groups, we have helped 449 families across north and west Lombok, in over 80 dusans (communities). We are hoping to help many more families over the coming weeks. Maternity and postnatal clinics in west Lombok have also received tents. 

Read more here:

Kenya – Floods

ShelterBox has a Memorandum of Understanding in place with the Kenyan Red Cross but strict government restrictions on the importation of single use plastics led to a delay in the importation of ShelterBox aid. Having repacked aid in Belgium and Dubai, a Response Team is now overseeing the importation and distribution of 2000 ShelterKits. To date 648 households have received aid in Kalifi. More distributions are due to take place in Tana River once the aid arrives.

Ethiopia – Displacement

Inter-community violence in Southern Ethiopia has led to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. The influx of IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) in some areas has nearly doubled population. Prior to the new displacement, this area was already one of the most densely populated parts of the country. Humanitarian needs are huge. Thousands of people are displaced into crowded and unsuitable collective centres in public buildings. Other people are sleeping outside, with little or no protection from the weather.​ Our team has been coordinating with International Organisation for Migration (IOM) to compile beneficiary lists for two proposed areas. They are speaking with community leaders, in those areas, to bring together plans for how to distribute the aid.

ShelterBox continues to work in Cameroon, Chad, Iraq, Niger, Nigeria, Somaliland and Syria. 

Support the ‘ShelterBox Solution’ and help families who have lost everything to disaster. Please ………..

EFT: Westpac: ShelterBox Australia: BSB 032 189: Account no. 230 147 (please email to notify us of your donation and receive your tax receipt).

Cheques can be mailed to: ShelterBox Australia, PO Box 254, Parramatta, NSW, 2124

All donations above $2 are fully tax-deductible

Larapinta Trek 2019


 Go the extra mile for disaster relief! Join ShelterBox Australia CEO, Mike Greenslade on the adventure of a lifetime and trek the stunning Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory. The Larapinta Trail is regarded as one of Australia’s premier walking tracks. From the old Alice Springs Telegraph Station to the peak of Mount Sonder, the trail stretches 223 kilometres along the backbone of the West MacDonnell Ranges. Over 5 days of trekking, you will cover 60 kilometres of this iconic track.

Shine for ShelterBox

Host a dinner party for people who need light in their lives!

When disasters strike and power lines go down, families are left vulnerable, wrenched away from comfort and light.

ShelterBox provides essential relief to people who have lost everything. Every ShelterBox we send includes solar lights that can brighten lives in the darkest hour.

It’s easy to help. Just request a free Shine for ShelterBox fundraising kit and we’ll post one to you in time to plan your event.

As you dine, you’ll be raising money to provide light and emergency shelter for families who need it most.

Click here to find out more:

Earn Velocity Points on your donation with Points 4 Purpose


In partnership with Everyday Hero and Imagine Corporation, we are thrilled to present Points 4 Purpose.

ShelterBox Australia supporters can earn 1 Velocity point for every dollar donated. All donations are tax-deductible too!

To take advantage of this exciting initiative, simply go to the Points4Purpose page on the Velocity eStore and choose ShelterBox Australia when they make your donation. 








ShelterBox Australia September Newsletter

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ShelterBox Australia

 eNewsletter September 2014

ShelterBox is proud to be a Project Partner of Rotary International

Welcome to our monthly eNewsletter for ShelterBox Australia.

The Madressa family in Balinad, Philippines had been forced to seek shelter in a chicken coup before being given a ShelterBox tent

I recently returned from a deployment to the Philippines, helping families affected by Typhoon Rammasun (known locally as Glenda). It was a very rewarding and interesting exercise. Rewarding because we were able to help so many families and interesting because I saw firsthand the evolution of ShleterBox at work. We are no longer a ‘one size fits all’ organisation and have many options available to us when helping families affected by disaster. In the Albay province of the Philippines, those affected by Glenda were mostly the poorest of the poor, the elderly, sick and disabled.

You can read details and see images of my deployment on the ShelterBox Australia blog (click the link at the bottom the of the page) but it was the first time I’d not been distributing full boxes. The decision to do so was entirely appropriate, mainly to issues with equity (how can one family received a full box and their neighbour receive nothing just because they only lost a roof?). Also, by delivering tents only or Shelter Kits, we were able to help more families, many of which wouldn’t have qualified for a full box.

Whilst there will always be a need for Shelterboxes (several hundred are on their way to Nepal and Niger as I write), increasingly we are seeing the need for flexibility in our response.

Please consider making a donation to the ‘ShelterBox Solution’ today and help us help more families in desperate need.

This month’s quote comes from Dr Seuss, “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”


Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.

Many thanks for your support


Mike Greenslade

General Manager

ShelterBox Australia

0459 959 501



 Philippines – Typhoon Rammasun

When Typhoon Rammasun tore through the Albay province of the Philippines in late July, it didn’t garner the same publicity as it’s big brother, Haiyan. However, thousands of families were affected, mainly the poor. Successive SRTs deployed to the area and with generous help from the Rotary Club of Legazpi managed to distribute hundreds of tents and Shelter Kits to vulnerable families. With damage spread over a large area, aid was transported by any means available, car, truck, boat, and even on foot. Beneficiary data is still being analysed but over 1,000 families were assisted.


 Iraq – Conflict

ShelterBox currently has prepositioned stock in Iraq and will be working with UNHCR and ACTED to move 500 UN specification tents to Duhok, near the border with Syria, to be used to establish a camp to provide shelter for internally displaced people (IDP’s) such as those fleeing Sinjar Mountain. Concerns over security and equity mean that ShelterBox relief tents are not suitable. Once again, the increasing need to be flexible means that boxes will not be deployed.

 Nepal – Flooding

Earlier this month, communities along the Nepal-China border were submerged by rising floodwater. Meanwhile similar scenes have been witnessed along the Nepalese border with India and many districts in-between. It is now estimated that as many as 19 districts are currently underwater across the mountainous country. As conditions have worsened fears of a potential outbreak of cholera have now emerged. A ShelterBox response team has arrived and is assessing the need and feasibility of a response.

ShelterBox is currently monitoring disasters in the Bangledesh, Niger, Gaza, Central African Republic and Ukraine


In Memorandum – Alan Jones

The ShelterBox and Rotary community has lost one its staunchest supporters. Former 9790 District Rep and longtime ShelterBox advocate, Alan Jones, passed away last week and a prolonged illness. Even as Alan battled his disease he worked tirelessly for the cause he loved, saying, “I find it important to keep busy and to focus on other things and what better than ShelterBox?” A fund has been set up in Alan’s memory and those wishing to contribute can contact Steve Crosling at:

Our thoughts go out to Alan’s wife, Kerry and his family. Alan will be sorely missed.


French’s Forest Guides

French’s Forest Guides recently invited District 9685 Rep, Peter Smith to talk at one of their meetings and demonstrate the contents of a box. The girls had been busy fundraising for ShelterBox and presented Peter with a cheque for$1,000! A fantastic effort by the girls, THANK YOU!. Peter was impressed with the calibre of the questions and the level of knowledge and interest from the guides. As a token of thanks, the guides have been given an old ShelterBox tent and some out of  date box contents for use at camp. The old, green-style tent has been superseded by the new white tent, which is in constant review and subject to redesign. We are more than happy see this old equipment go to good use with Guides and Scouts groups. Get in touch with if your troop could use such equipment, but be quick as stock is limited.




Coin Co Money-Spinners

Following our recent collaboration with Coin Co International, we have begun to roll out our first money-spinners. We can supply a range of collection boxes, from spinners (ideal for supermarkets and malls) to globes (ideal for airports), to towers (great for banks and small businesses) and counter-top boxes (for pubs, coffee shops, etc). If you know of a local business that would be willing to place one of our collection boxes, please contact Mike at

The boxes are provided free of charge and collected & replaced when full. Coins and notes of all denominations are accepted. We can also provide promotional material to go with the boxes. Please help us raise awareness and much-needed funds.Thank you!

Last month, a spinner was placed at the Blackheath Golf Club and 2 spinners were bought by Rotary Clubs in WA for use at events ……… Yes, spinners are available to buy too …. BUT WE CAN SUPPLY THEM FREE!


Socks 4 Syria


Fundraising resources for our ‘Socks 4 Syria’ campaign are now available on the website. You can download posters, donation forms, bucket wraps and more from:



Have you held a successful fundraising event or are you planning one? Please send me the details, including images, for inclusion in the next newsletter and promotion on the ShelterBox Australia Blog at:

Support the ‘ShelterBox Solution’ and help families who have lost everything to disaster. Please ………..




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ShelterBox Australia November Newsletter


Welcome to our monthly eNewsletter for ShelterBox Australia.


November has been a momentous month for ShelterBox. Whilst we were responding to an earthquake in the Philippines, the country was struck by the strongest storm ever recorded. Super Typhoon Haiyan left an estimated 10,000 people dead and hundreds of thousands in desperate need of shelter.

ShelteBox responded immediately, dispatching more SRTs to the area, along with aid, pre-positioned in the Philippines and Dubai, whilst volunteers at HQ packed boxes. An international “Typhoon Haiyan Emergency Appeal” was launched. ShelterBox Australia set a fundraising target of $500,000. In an amazing outpouring of public generosity, in just 3 weeks we broke through this target. With the help of Rotary, individuals, and charitable foundations we have raised over $510,000 …. and the fund is still growing! Obviously, the need is huge and the more donations we receive, the more families we’ll able to help. We have since raised the bar to $750,000.

To all those that have donated, a big thank you! Your generosity will have a huge postive impact on families in desperate need. Stay tuned to the website for deployment updates.

This months quote comes from Oscar Wilde, “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention”

Thanks for your continued support


Mike Greenslade





Philippines – Super Typhoon

Super Typhoon Haiyan, known locally as Yolanda, struck the Philippines in early November. With winds of approximately 195 mph (315 km/h), it was the largest storm ever recorded to make landfall. The typhoon left hundreds of thousands of men, women and children without shelter or access to food or water.

5 Response Teams have been dealing with logistics and distribution in Manila, Bohol, Cebu, Bantayan Island and Tacloban


ShelterBox has committed to help a minimum of 6,000 families over the coming months. Logistics backlogs and the difficulty of distributing aid to an archipelago mean that we are likely to be very busy for the next few months.

The team working out of Bantayan Island will have the assistance of the Royal Australian Navy in the form of HMAS Tobruk and its aerial and sea-bourne assets.

600 ShelterBoxes, pre-positioned in Melbourne, are being flown to the Philippines this week courtesy of our partner Plan International

Philippines -Earthquake

A 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit Bohol, Philippines on 15th October. A ShelterBox Response Team was on the ground distributing aid when news of the approaching Super Typhoon came. The team quickly arranged for all tents to be struck and stored whilst they and the residents of Bohol took cover. The Typhoon only added to the devastation left by the earthquake, but once it had passed, the team got back to work immediately

ShelterBox continues to distribute aid in Sudan with the help of Plan International and with our partners in Lebanon and Iraqi Kurdistan






 Give A Special Box This Christmas

If you are stuck for gift ideas or are tired of exchanging presents destined for land-fill, why not break the mold and give a gift that keeps on giving. You might like to club together as a family or at your workplace and sponsor a ShelterBox.

In return you will receive a custom designed Christmas card to give in lieu of this very special present.

You can specify if you want your box to go to the Philippines Appeal; to our Syrian Refugee Appeal or into our Relief Fund (recommended) to enable us to react immediately when disaster strikes. Simply donate in the normal way and notify us at that this is a Christmas gift and we will get your card out to you.

Next year we plan to have a range of cards and equivalent gifts to suit all budgets.


Typhoon Haiyan Emergency Appeal

All donations count. Big or small, they all add up and enable us to respond in a practical and flexible way. However, we have received some significant donations that are worthy of a mention. I would like to thank: The Portland House Foundation; Merle Fletcher Savage; The Richardson Foundation; Rotary Club of Busselton Geographe Bay; Arion Systems; Peter Wylie; Paul Blain, Helping Children Smile and the Rotary Clubs of: Seymour; Warners Bay; Mt Gambier West; Albany Port; Batavia Coast; Kings Cross and Ipswich City


 RC of Darling Harbour – ShelterBox Expo

The Rotary Club of Darling Harbour held their annual ShelterBox Expo on 2nd November in Darling harbour itself. The team were ably supported by SRT Peter Pearce but had to contend with smoke from nearby bushfires and a gathering of Zombies in Hyde Park. The Expo gave high profile exposure to ShelterBox and raised valuable funds fo our Syria Refugee Appeal, which now stands at over $100,000.

Have you held a successful fundraising event or are you planning one? Please send me the details for inclusion in the newsletter and promotion on the Blog at:


Newsletter for June 2013

  Welcome to our monthly eNewsletter for ShelterBox Australia.



June has seen us working from the plains of Oklahoma to the Himalayan mountains of Himachal Pradesh. The crisis in Syria continues to be the main focus of our efforts and the figures above show that although we can be proud of our response so far, the need is still great.

June is traditionally a great month for donations, as people get ready for tax time and Rotary clubs disburse funds to good causes. This June has been no exception and I’d like to thank all our donors for their generous support. Unfortunately, the need for emergency shelter persists all year round and we are always looking for new supporters. To help spread the word, why not forward this newsletter to some of your friends; “like” us on Facebook and share the updates or sign up for the blog?


This month’s quote comes from Albert Schweitzer, “The purpose of human life is to serve, to show compassion and the will to help others.”


Thanks for your support.




Mike Greenslade SRT

Director/Communications Officer

ShelterBox Australia



NB. You are receiving this newsletter because you have either supported us in the past, signed up via the website or at an event. Should you wish not to receive future newsletters, you can unsubscribe at the bottom of the page. Another great way of keeping up to date with what’s happening with ShelterBox Australia is via our blog, at:




  INDIA – Floods/Landslides

Many are calling northwest India’s heaviest rains for 80 years a ‘Himalayan tsunami’ and the reasons why are obvious. Almost 100,000 people have been rescued so far, tens of thousands more remain displaced from their homes and thousands are reported to be injured. Infrastructure and farmland have been swept away and landslides have been caused. A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) has deployed to the region to assess ways of helping those most in need, especially in remote areas.


 USA – Tornado

A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) has continued to work in Oklahoma, USA to address the shelter needs of communities impacted by last month’s tornados. For the last few weeks, affected families in Bethel Acres and Little Axe have been living in cars, under tarps and in standard tents that are not suitable for extreme weather conditions, especially now the hot summer months have begun. The SRT has been distributing relief tents, working alongside local Rotary and Scouts.



ShelterBox continues to find ways of helping Syrian refugees and IDPs. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), some 6.8 million people have been forced from their homes in Syria. We have been working below the radar with our partner, Hand In Hand for Syria, to distribute non-food items like water filters and kitchen sets. ShelterBox continues to distribute boxes in Lebanon through it’s network of partners (987 boxes distributed) and is investigating sending more aid to Jordan So far ShelterBox has committed over US$1 million of aid.



ShelterBox and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) have been working together in Haiti since the devastating earthquake of 2010. Although the IOM has successfully closed 28 camps, many still remain and Shelterbox aid is being utilised as an emergency response, to replace shelter damaged by the frequent tropical storms. Until permanent shelter needs are met, ShelterBox will continue to work in collaboration with IOM to help Haitian families in need.







Donate Planet is a not-for-profit foundation who’s website brings charities together in one place, making it easier for people to donate online. From 30th June – 7th of July ShelterBox Australia will be their featured charity. Hopefully this will raise our profile and some much needed funds. You can visit the site at


 Odd Sox For ShelterBox

Have you heard of our new fundraising initiative, “Odd Socks For ShelterBox”?! Clubs, schools and businesses are encouraged to hold an “Odd Socks” day to help raise awareness and funds for Shelterbox. We are also seeking donations of signed socks from celebrities, sports personalities and public figures to auction. Do you know someone famous that may be able to help out? For more details and help organising your “Odd Socks” day please contact our head of fundraising, PDG Carolyn Krueger at Carolyn Krueger, or



Have you held a successful fundraising event or are you planning one? Please send me the details for inclusion in the newsletter and promotion on the Blog at:


ShelterBox Australia Newsletter – March Round-up

The month of March saw the passing of two important milestones for ShelterBox. First was the one year anniversary of our historic Project Patnership with Rotary International. Rotary is an invaluable supporter of ShelterBox worldwide, providing much needed funding and essential help on the ground (as seen in recent deployments in Jordan and The Philippines and Russia). You can see more about the Project Partnership in the Youtube clip below.
March also saw the second anniversary of the Syrian Civil War. What started as a peaceful protest for democracy, descended into a bloody, protracted conflict, destroying over 2.6 million homes and forcing millions to flee to neighbouring countries. Shelterbox has been working in Iraq/Kurdistan, Jordan and Lebanon and continues to explore avenues to help those most in need. Your continued support allows us to respond quickly to disasters both natural and man-made.
This month’s quote comes from Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Staying together is success.”
Thanks for helping those families most in need.
Mike Greenslade SRT
Director/Communications Officer
ShelterBox Australia
NB. You are receiving this newsletter because you have either supported us in the past, signed up via the website or at an event. Should you wish not to receive future newsletters you can unsubscribe at the bottom of the page. Another great way of keeping up to date with what’s happeining with ShelterBox Australia is via our blog, at:
Cyclone Haruna caused extensive flooding in South West Madagascar in late February. An all-Australian ShelterBox Response Team, consisting of Peter Pearce and Anthony Keating flew to the disaster-prone African isle to assist those affected. Using stock pre-positioned in the capital, Antananarivo the team were able to respond quickly and distribute 130 boxes. Read more here:MADAGASCAR
As the civil war in Syria passed it’s 2-year mark, the number of refugees registered with the UNHCR passed 1 million, with the real number of refugees likely to be twice that number. ShelterBox has been working in several areas to help those most in need. In Lebanon, SRTs (working through a network of 27 implimenting partners) have distributed 700 winterised boxes. 584 insulated tents have now been erected and are housing homeless Syrian families. A further 35 boxes have been distributed inJordan. ShelterBox continues to explore avenues to help more people. View a recent interview with ShelterBox on Channel 10 Late News here: 10 NEWS
The devastation caused by Typhoon Bopha was so great that finding space to erect relief tents was a huge problem for a succession of ShelterBox Response Teams. Continued bad weather also hampered relief efforts. Working with local Rotarians and in-country SRTs, ShelterBox has now managed to distribute 354 boxes and 760 tents. Distribution continues through Plan International and HelpAge.
 MYANMAR – Conflict
The Kachin conflict is one of multiple conflicts collectively referred to as the Burmese Civil War. Fighting between the Kachin Independence Army and Myanmar Army restarted in June 2011 after a 17-year-old ceasefire broke down, and continued throughout 2012. The recent conflict has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people and displaced an estimated 80,000. With the rainy season set to begin in May the situation for internally displaced persons (IDPs) could deteriorate. Due to the high security situation, ShelterBox is working with ACTED who will distribute ShelterBoxes to IDPs in Kachin State on ShelterBox’s behalf. The SRT has trained ACTED’s workers in setting up the tents.
The Rotary Club of Darling Harbour held their annual ShelterBox Expo in Sydney’s Martin Place on 15th March. A great shopfront for ShelterBox, the event raised enough to sponsor 3 Boxes
ShelterBox had a stand at Byron Bay Bluesfest for the second year running. The stall had hundreds of visitors over the 5 day festival, learning about disaster relief, donating money and charging their phones! Bluesfest 2013 has now raised enough to sponsor it’s very own ShelterBox
Hard-working District Reps, Ian Routley and Bill Dobson were out again at the beginning of March promoting ShelterBox at the Longford Harvest Festival. There was great interest following our recent deployment to Tasmania and in the upcoming ShelterBox Challenge
Have you held a successful fundraising event or are you planning one? Please send me the details for inclusion in the newsletter and promotion on the Blog at:

ShelterBox Australia Newsletter [August 2012]

Welcome our monthly eNewsletter for Shelterbox Australia.

August has been a busy month for ShelterBox, with Tropical storms hitting The Philippines and Haiti; refugee crises in The Lebanon and Mali and heavy flooding in Niger. ShelterBox Operations have been monitoring several other potential disasters with Response Teams on standby to react immediately if required.

With Spring finally upon us, now is a great time to organise a fundraiser. Keep an eye on the Facebook page: to see up and coming events and remember to send me pics from your fundraiser and share ShelterBox news with your friends

Remembering all those around the world who have lost homes and livelihood to disaster, this month’s quote comes from Lord Byron, “Adversity is the first path to truth”

Thanks for your support


Mike Greenslade SRT/Communications Officer


  NIGER – Flooding

Niger is experiencing it’s worst floods for 100 years. A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) is in NIger working with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) to assess shelter needs. The UN reported that the Dosso region has been worst affected, with over 10,000 homes damaged by floodwaters. Read more here: NIGER


  HAITI – Tropical Storm Isaac

A ShelterBox Response Team arrived in Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince on Monday 27th August to begin making needs assessments for emergency shelter. Communications have been down due to the storm. ShelterBox aid arrived at Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince on 24 August. Read more here: HAITI 


   PHILIPPINES – Flooding

In early August The Philippines capital, Manila and the surrounding area experienced its worst floods since 2009, due to unusually heavy monsoon rainfall triggered by Tropical Storm Haikui. Australian SRT, Peter Pearce (who took this photo of twin babies in one of our tents) and Kiwi SRT, Ross MacKenzie joined Filippino SRTs Sonny Ongkiko and Abner Tayco in Manila to assess needs and distribute aid. The team worked with The Philippines Navy, Emergency Medical Services, local Rotary Clubs and volunteers from the Asian College of Science and Technology to get pre-positioned ShelterBoxes to those in need. 448 boxes have been distributed to date. Read more here: PHILIPPINES


  LEBANON – Conflict

ShelterBox’s response to the crisis in Syria has been postponed following a spate of violence and kidnappings in Lebanon’s capital Beirut that began on 16 August.
ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) members Alice Jefferson (UK) and Phil Duloy (UK and USA) had been working with ministers in the Lebanese government to facilitate the importation of ShelterBoxes.
Read more here: LEBANON


  NIGER/MALI – Food Insecurity/Conflict

ShelterBox has sent 497 disaster relief tents to bring shelter to 497 families fleeing from Mali, a country in West Africa’s Sahel region suffering from food insecurity, conflict and political instability that has forced countless civilians to flee their homes. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is calling Mali’s situation a ‘complex emergency,’ which has displaced over 435,000 people. Read more here: MALI

  RC of Kent Town – Bolly Good NIght
The Rotary Club of Kent Town and the Adelaide Indian Cultural Society (AISC) have formed a partnership to raise money for ShelterBox. Celebrating one year free of Polio in India and eleven years since the first ever Shelter Box deployment, 143 boxes that went into India, the two organisations will pool resources and hold a fundraising dinner on 6th October that will feature classical Indian & Bollywood dancing and delicious Indian cuisine. For more info contact Greg Love on
From Letterboxes To ShelterBoxes
Have you requested a postcard yet? Lara is presently in Airlie Beach and her fundraising total has just passed the $3400 mark, why not check out her Facebook page or her blog: and use your social media outlets to spread the word, share it, like it, forward it to a friend!


Have you held a successful fundraising event or are you planning one? Please send me the details for inclusion in the newsletter and promotion on the Blog at:


ShelterBox Australia Newsletter [July 2012]

Welcome our monthly eNewsletter for Shelterbox Australia.

July was another great month for donations as more Rotary Clubs dispersed their charity funds and the public gave generously. Our sincere thanks go out to all of those who contributed and you only have to read the reports below from Uganda and Russia to see just how much your efforts are both needed and appreciated.

July also saw the launch of the ShelterBox Australia App for Android phones. The app allows users to access the SBA website; blog; Facebook and Twitter pages all from one place. It also allows users to send an email or image to the Communications Officer direct from their phone, or link to the donations page. There is a calndar of upcoming events, but perhaps the most useful feature is the “Find Us” application that uses Google Maps to help users find the nearest ShelterBox speaker and Demo box.



The app is free to download from:

or from Google Play at:

I hope to publish a version for iPhone soon, so watch this space.

This month’s quote, hard to believe at the moment but probably true, comes Eric Shanteau,

“There’s a lot more to life than just the Olympic Games”

Thanks for your support

Mike Greenslade

SRTCommunications Officer, ShelterBox Australia

    RUSSIA – Flooding

A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) led by Australian SRT member, Andrew Clouting has returned from Russia after delivering life saving aid to flood survivors in the Southern region of Krasnodar. 150 ShelterBoxes and 50 tents were distributed. Andrew said, ” I am proud to be part of ShelterBox who truly make a difference to displaced families’ You can read more here: RUSSIA

  UGANDA – Mudslides

Heavy rains resulted in a large landslide on the slopes of Mount Elgon in Bududa in eastern Uganda at the end of June, sweeping away three villages and leaving hundreds of families homeless. A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) worked in conjunction with local Rotarians and the Ugandan Red Cross to distribute aid to those in need. A total of 115 boxes were distributed. Read more here: UGANDA


  PERU – Landslides and Flooding
In March ShelterBox responded to two separate disasters in Peru. Heavy rains triggered landslides that caused widespread damage in the remote mountainous region of Apurimac. Whilst in the Loreto region, in northern Peru, the unusually heavy rains led to extensive flooding. In July ShelterBox sent a monitoring and evaluation team back to these regions to assess the situation three months on. You can read more here: PERU


  St Finn Barr’s School, Launceston
Our thanks go out to the pupils of St Finn Barr’s Catholic School in Launceston, Tasmania for their fantastic fundraising efforts. Inspired by a presentation by ShelterBox Ambassador, Bill Dobson, class 3/4 and their teacher, Jessica Edwards set about raising funds to sponsor a box with great enthusiasm. Their efforts will now be greatly appreciated by a family who have lost their home to disaster somewhere in the world. You can read their story here: ST FINN BARR’S
 New Brochures
New brochures with donation froms are now available. Reps and Ambassadors are asked to use up their old ones first before ordering the updated version.
  From Letterboxes To ShelterBoxes
Lara’s epic fundraising journey continues and at time of writing she is just a few dollars short of $3000. If you haven’t already done so please check out Lara’s site at and use your social media outlets to spread the word, share it, like it, forward it to a friend!

ShelterBox Australia Newsletter (June 2012)

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As one Rotary and financial year ends, a new one begins and I’d like to take this chance to thank all our supporters for their generosity and support over the past 12 months. In the coming 12,  we’ll need to do it all again so that we can help those affected by disasters around the world. Your donations will soon be benefiting the needy in South Sudan and Uganda and anywhere else they are required.

Last month’s signing of an agreement with the United Nations Humanitarian response Depot (UNHRD) along with our long-standing agreements with DHL and Rotary clubs around the world has meant that we now have 9,000 boxes pre-postioned around the globe. This greatly enhances our ability to respond quickly to disasters wherever they may occur.

This month’s quote comes Miguel de Cervates “To be prepared is half the victory”


   SUDAN – Conflict

A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) travelled to South Sudan on 29 June to discuss the distribution of emergency shelter with other aid agencies, in response to continuing conflict in the African country. SRT members Tom Lay (UK) and Tom Dingwall (UK) will be meeting with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED) to coordinate a tent distribution plan. Read more here: SUDAN

  UGANDA – Mudslides

Up to 400,000 people may require emergency shelter in Uganda’s mountainous east due to continuing heavy rains and mudslides that could force them to flee their homes. A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) is en route to assess the situation. SRT members David Webber (UK) and Fiona McElroy (UK) will be travelling to the African country to meet with local officials and other aid agencies to assess the need for humanitarian aid.
Mudslides are frequent in eastern Uganda. ShelterBox deployed to Uganda in March 2010, where 200 ShelterBoxes were delivered to mudslide survivors. Read more here: UGANDA

 ITALY – Earthquake
Relief operations have come to an end in Italy. The SRT worked collaboratively with volunteers from ShelterBox Italy Center affiliate, Rotaractors from Modena, Mirandola, Carpi and Bologna, and the national Civil Protection agency to assess the need and distribute the much-needed tents.Shelter, warmth and dignity has been brought to over one hundred displaced families with a total of 128 disaster relief tents distributed to those most in need in the towns of Medolla, Concordia, Cavezzo and San Felice. Read the full report here: ITALY

  Noosa Display
The combined Rotary Clubs of Noosa recently held a ShelterBox display at the Civic Noosa Shopping Centre. The Noosa clubs have been longtime supporters of ShelterBox and displays like this not only raise much needed funds for disater relief but help raise the profile of both ShelterBox and Rotary.
  Redcliff City Rotary
It’s changeover time for Rotary Clubs around the country and Redcliff City Rotary Club was just one of the many to donate to ShelterBox as RI’s recognised Partner for disaster relief. Here, SBA Ambassador, Brian Springer receives a cheque for $5000 on behalf of ShelterBox Australia. A big thank you to all those clubs for their continued support and well done to our hard-working Ambassadors.
  Social Media Day
30th June was Social Media Day and Shelterbox celebrated by highlighting some of the pwerful ways social media can be used to spread our message. ShelterBox USA recently ran a campaign to gain more followers on Facebook and Twitter and were sponsored by Lumber Liquidators to the tune of a dollar per new like of friend. $5,000 later and ShelterBox USA had rapidly increased it’s reach on social media. Here in Australia, our very own Lara Marks-Nash’s web-based postcard fundraiser was featured too. Bringing together the best of new and old media (i.e. blogs, facebook and good old-fashioned postcards), Lara’s efforts were held as example of how social media can have a global reach and both raise funds and garner new support for ShelterBox.
If you haven’t already done so please check out Lara’s site at and use your social media outlets to spread the word, share it, like it, forward it to a friend!
  Facebook Page  
Whilst we’re on the subject of social media, have you checked out our new Facebook pageDo you know somone who might be willing to sponsor a campaign similar that in the USA?
Remember that to use use social media effectively it’s important to “share” information with your network. This will be especially important when we launch a major appeal
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